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vrijdag 13 oktober 2017

News: Michelle Malone's New Studio Record "Slings and Arrows"

Michelle Malone's New Studio Record "Slings and Arrows"

Michelle Malone is going in the studio to record Slings and Arrows, a blues, folk, country tinged album to fortify your spirit.
This is a record I feel I had to make.
As you may or may not know, I can't stop making records - this will be my 15th. There is no doubt in my mind and heart that I am blessed beyond all fathomable belief to be doing what I was put here to do - bring joy through music.

I've become so openhearted and raw from events this past year, personal and otherwise, that I HAD to write these songs. I needed to be able to try to make sense of not only everything that's happened in the world, but also in my own microcosm. I needed healing, strength and fortification. We all need healing.... we all need more joy and inspiration...
Music is healing... it's cheaper than therapy...and it's alot more fun...
This is an album about the human experience. It's about the journey between the darkness and the light. It addresses basic emotions that I think we can all relate to. In this way, this record is healing and community building. This record is for everyone...It's an inclusive movement, and YOU will be a part of it!

My home state of Georgia has a certain sound full of rhythm and soul, roots and rebellion. It's the blood that runs through my veins. This album is especially personal to me. We all have something to say, and I say it the Georgia way - often loud, proud, full of strength and passion.
Georgia is where I feel most like myself, sound most like myself, and where I know a community of people who know how to make the music I love to make - a Georgia Noise! This record is being with the help of many talented Georgians - even the cover art was painted by a Georgian (Trish Land). It is being by Jeff Bakos at his Bakos Amp Works Studio with Doug Kees and Peter Stroud on guitar, Robbie Handley on bass, Joey Huffman on keys, Trish Land on percussion and Christopher Burrows on drums. It is being mixed and mastered by Gerry Hansen.
And I heard you loud and clear - you'll be glad to know that I am playing alot of slide guitar on this record on both acoustic and electric. I even got to play some mandolin and blues harp. For the most part, we are recording the record live in the studio, because I really want to capture the best authentic me...and that means no thinking! I'm very proud to say that my vocals and guitars sound powerful, raw and passionate just like they do at one of my live shows!
One of my favorite moments is a duet with Shawn Mullins singing an Otis Redding song - it's a goose bump moment! It's my tribute to Gregg Allman, because I wanted to have him record it with me like we had done previously live...Shawn was kind of enough to lend his talents after Gregg's passing. Shawn is the only singer I know who could do it justice. And he absolutely did that and then some - he killed it!
This record is built to inspire strength, joy, and sanity in uncertain times. I need this music as much as anyone. It's my therapy, and I know it will do the same for you. I know it will connect with you, make you dance, make you smile, cry, and ultimately let you know you are not alone.
These Slings and Arrows are empowering.
These Slings and Arrows build community and bring joy.
These Slings and Arrows slay dragons.
All you have to do is press PLAY to be empowered and to feel that you belong here in this community.
You can help me get my record made and out to the world by choosing one of the many AWESOME rewards I'm offering. The record wont be released to the public until at least February 2018, but you can have it in time for the holidays when you KICK START ME UP! Thank you so much for supporting my music.

Risks and challenges

The good news is that the record is already mostly recorded!
And I still have to pay for it - the studio time, the musicians, the mixing and mastering for both CD and vinyl (!), the art, the photography, etc....
AND then the real fun begins...then we need to let the world know that I have a new record out! This means that :
1. I need to hire a publicist to publicize the record
2. I need to hire a radio promoter to promote the record the radio
3. I need to hire a videographer to make 1-2 videos
$25,000 is a conservative budget to get this record to sprout wings and fly, considering that when I was on a major label, the big guns spent well over $400,000 on my record!
Luckily, times have changed, and independent musicians have options.
I love that you and I dont need a middle man anymore!
I've got a network of friends, fans, and family to help...
this is where YOU come in. I'm certain you'll find some amazing rewards in my kickstarter that resonate with you and bring you JOY!
And don't forget to share my campaign with your music loving friends everywhere - everybody loves good music and good news!
I'm continually amazed by you and your great big heart.

Thank you for listening...
thank you for being!
Much Love,
Michelle Malone